Gisburn Trail Guides

Distance: 9.5km (5.5 miles)

Bottoms Beck Trail (Blue)

A shorter trail for an easier ride. Suitable for novices and younger riders. Drop down to the causeway over Stocks Reservoir and bounce along Eggberry Road. A mellow section of green grade trail follows an old rail line beside Bottoms Beck. Flow along the funky blue singletrack of park Wood before swooping down from the top of Cocklet Hill.

Follow the blue arrows on the timber posts.

distance 18km (11 miles)

The 8 (Red)

Laid out in a figure of eight, highlights on this trail include the volunteer built Home Baked section, the gnarly Whelp Stone Crag and the roller coaster ride of Hully Gully (an optional Black section). The Trail includes forest road, red and blue grade singletrack, and some optional black grade sections and features on the way.

Follow the red arrows on the timber posts.

Distance: 0.5km (0.25 miles)

Hope Line & Leap of Faith (Orange)

If you like your downhill bike trails twisty and fun, then you’ll find it here. The Hope Line is a land of berms, jumps & drop- offs. The Leap of Faith is just that, grab your handlebars and go for it! Full face helmets and body armour recommended!